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    Homegroup problems

    I had my everything in my house hooked up to a homegroup from my main pc, to share all of the media files through out the house.

    This included
    My computer
    My Girlfriends Computer
    Philips Home media Theater

    Mainly we just used it to connect to Ps4 to watch movies in the living room. Worked great.... untill I rebooted my computer...

    Basically everytime my computer went to sleep the homegroup would bug out and I would need to delete it and re-create it so the Ps4 would than again see the homegroup and be able to access.

    Well I rebooted my PC for the first time in months, and I also Updated Media Center on Ps4 to 1.50

    Anyways, the Ps4 would not see my Computer. So I deleted the homegroup and no success. After having a couple of Phantom homegroups where I had to power down every device in the house just to delete it, I decided to try removing the Ps4 from the homegroup. Now the Ps4 will not be discovered by the homegroup at all. What I mean by this is When you go to the 'Media Streaming Options' you have a list of every device connected to your network. The Ps4 does not show up there anymore and I cannot get it to show.

    Heres the real kicker..... I tried for shits and giggles making the homegroup on my gf's laptop... worked like a charm, Ps4 recognized her PC no problem.... Except its really not optimal to be streaming off her tiny school laptop. I connected my PC to the homegroup and bam, instantly the Ps4 no longer recognized the homegroup and went back to saying please give me some thing..

    Edit 1: My Phantom Homegroup is back..... This homegroup was from my main pc, and will not stop showing up, I have literally left it on every device possible, and turned off every device in the house, including phones, hometheater system, ps4, Modem & Router, printers etc...... The Phantom Homegroup is hosted by 'Kyle K' which is my user on my main PC, but all of my homegroups I have made have been hosted by my PC not my user, which is Kakari, which is weird is it possible my hotmail account is hosting my homegroup... I did try making it run off of all Networks instead of Local Networks to find the Ps4..

    Edit 2: The Phantom Homegroup has dissapeared yet again, I didn't do anything, aside from drinking a beer, and attempting Plex, (holy hell Plex is slow...)

    This is frustrating..... All I did was reboot, is that a crime microsoft and sony? Why cant these companies be like google and just open source everything so we can do what we actually want to do with what we buy from them, instead of selling us somthing and than saying, "no no no, you bought it from us yea, but your not allowed to use anything we don't deem worthy, so your forced to use our shitty ass software that restricts your movements and enjoyment of the device, o and your gonna pay out the ass for it to, why? cuz **** you, thats why, now pay me."

    -End Rant-
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Homegroup problems
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