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Making my bluetooth work challenge - I tried everything

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    Making my bluetooth work challenge - I tried everything


    Fist, sorry if I'm not clear, english is not my native langage (I'm French).
    I would be so happy if someone would take up the challenge to make my bluetooth work. I swear I've tried everything I was able to. I really need help.

    So I have a samsung np350v5c that works with Windows 8, and with bluetooth (that's what they said...). I have never managed to make it worked, but as I didn't need it untill now , it didn't bother me. I would like to manage to make it work now, but I can't.

    - First of all, my bluetooth is on (checked in wireless menu).

    - When I click on bluetooth icon, open parameters, everytime I click on authorize other to detect this laptop, the window freeze and is not responding. The second time, I have the following message "An error occured while windows was saving your settings. Maybe the bluetooth unit is disconnected. (It isn't) These settings where not saved: recognize settings," Of course, I checked, bluetooth is on. In my devices, Bluetooth is said to function properly.

    - I tried to go to to services.msc. I have not the "Bluetooth support service" line. Not at all. BUT, when I go to "run as administrator" and type "net start bthserv", I am told that the service as already been started. (so why the line don't show up ?)

    - I tried to find latest drivers, but even though my laptop as a native windows 8 os installed on it, samsung drivers are only made for windows 7.

    - I tried Bluesoleil, it didn't work either.

    - I even bought a bluetooth dongle, but still not working. The dongle works perfectly with my husband's windows 7 laptop who didn't had bluetooth and is very happy now (I'm so jealous...)

    With everything I tried, I think it's a problem with the way windows manages Bluetooth on my laptop, not hardware problem. Maybe I'm wrong ?

    To finish with, I've checked device manager, Bluetooth is said to be working properly and to have the latest driver installed. So frustrating (why isn't there a button to say: "no, it is not. I tell you something is wrong ! ;-)

    I have read tons of threads, but I never find anything that could help. I would really like to avoid a complete reinstall of my windows 8. I am not even sure that I would be able to reinstall everything without having the same problem, if I don't understand first what happen.

    I hope I was clear, and that someone will be able to help me.

    And a big thank you from France to whoever will solve my problem.

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    The bluetooth for microsoft usually works for a short amount of time after purchase and then is broken. I have never tried to fix that my self, It is completely usless
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    Thanks for your reply. And thank you very much for not having asked "does your bluetooth is switched on ?". It is so annoying when you spend hours and hours on your problem, and then someone comes and ask something like : does you laptop is on?
    Anyway, I understand your point of view. It sometimes seems to me that microsoft tries to make software more and more complicated, just to make people buy another laptop with a fresh install when a problem occurs. When you say it is useless, are you talking about trying to fix that yourself, or about Bluetooth itself ?
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Making my bluetooth work challenge - I tried everything
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