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Chrome: dns_probe_finished_bad_config

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    Chrome: dns_probe_finished_bad_config

    Hello, I am having a strange problem with my mobile internet (comviq, Sweden). I set up a mobile hotspot and connect to it. The status of the wireless is "connected" with no problems showing. I try to browse but no pages will open in Chrome, with the error message dns_probe_finished_bad_config. It works perfectly fine on my phone. Recently my mobile internet stopped working completely, so I went over to their website and I changed the internet settings in my phone to match what the guide said. The internet started working again, but this problem started.

    I cannot connect the friends list in the Blizzard game launcher but... I can actually play games. So I AM connected to the internet. I tried quite a few solutions:

    ipconfig commands (dns flush, release, renew, etc)... but they didn't work.
    clearing DNS cache in chrome, didn't work

    I then found a post to set as the DNS and as the alternate DNS. THAT works. Problem solved, right?

    Well, kind of. I need to do this every time I reconnect to my mobile internet, which is quite annoying. I was hoping someone could help me understand why this is happening and what could I do. Another laptop can connect to my wireless, but gets the same error. The same fix also works.

    Is there anything I should do on my phone / laptop to stop this from happening?

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    Turns that after around 2 weeks of having to make the change manually over and over again, it finally remembered it by itself. When I connected now, the settings were already made. Yay!
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Chrome: dns_probe_finished_bad_config
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