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PING / Internet Disconnect / Windows vs. Mac

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    PING / Internet Disconnect / Windows vs. Mac

    Currently, I own a Windows PC and a MacBook Air.

    I am having no internet connection problems on my Mac (since everything seems to be working fine!), but on my Windows PC, I am getting sudden temporary loss of internet connection. Think of it as sudden loss of internet connectivity, and then it comes back after a few seconds and this keeps on happening again and again every 1-2 minutes.

    So, I started a little investigation and I came up with the following results:

    Specifications: OS X Yosemite, Mid-2011 model, 4 GB memory.

    After sending 50 pings to from my macbook, I got 0% loss and no loss of packets of data, hence smooth internet connectivity. You can see in the image below, everything worked fine.


    Specifications: Windows 8.1, 16 GB memory, Intel Dual Band Wireless - AC 7260 WiFi driver.

    After sending 48 (~50) pings to from my windows PC, I got 16% loss and as you can see in the image, some pings were timed-out, sudden hence loss of packets of data, therefore no internet connectivity.


    Now, both of these commands were executed at the same time from two different computers. As a potential solution, I even re-installed network drivers on my windows PC but apparently it did not help.

    What could this mean? Faulty network hardware on my Windows PC, faulty software? anti-virus firewall doing? something else that I am not guessing right? any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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    Your Macbook air would have nothing to do with that. Either crappy driver for the Windows machine, or Crapped out wifi card on the laptop. Otherwise, the last thing would be possible Packet Flooding and the Router/Gateway is shutting down the connection.
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PING / Internet Disconnect / Windows vs. Mac
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