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    Internet Issues


    I've been having problems with my internet for a long long time.

    Basically, it's inconsistent. When i test it at, it gives me 5 MBPS which is what i pay for, and 1 ms jitter and 80 ms latency, which is all good honestly. I also download at 500 kb/s most of the times.

    But then, with these settings, i can't watch a stream at twitch on LOW. Any stream. It stutters like hell. Same goes for youtube videos. I mean, at the highest setting (which most likely is 720p), the bitrate is 5mbps, which is exactly what i have. So if i chose that, i would understand stuttering. But on low! I'm already watching at 240p, does it really need to stutter?

    Also, when i try to play a game like dota 2, the packet loss varies. When it's good, its at 0-3%, but it keeps going to 10-20%, which is unplayable. I mean, shouldn't packet loss be consistent? If i had packet loss issues, i should always have packet loss correct? But why does packet loss vary from day to day, even during business hours? I mean, when it's really late or really early, the internet is great. No packet loss. But then on peak hours, it can get to 40-50%!

    And i can't even listen to music on youtube while playing, because apparently just opening a youtube video makes my ping go from 100 and 0 packet loss, to 130 and 5 packet loss. Doesn't even matter if the video is fully loaded, just having it open does that. Does any of this make sense?? I mean honestly.

    I've attached some of the DSL Info. Hopefully someone can help me out.

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    The screenshot from your Gateway shows that they can dial you up to your Max Rate with no issues. When you have that slow of a connection, you are going to see the issues that you are describing. All that Packet Loss is looking at, is the number of packets that come in or go out bad and that CRC has to resend the same info multiple times.
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    What do you mean dial up my max rate?
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Internet Issues
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