Hey guys (and gals), A little background on my issue: I'm using windows 8.1 on a HP Envy that is just over a year old.

I currently cannot connect to any network drives. These are not in a homegroup, and I have to be VPN'd into a network in order to access them. The drives I'm attempting to connect to are shared between multiple people in my research group and as such I don't have physical access to them. I have been able to mount them inside of a virtual machine we use for our linux connection with my login information so I know that it's not just me not having access. To make things more complicated I was able to connect to them last week and even downloaded a bunch of files off of one. However, around Thursday of last week I suddenly lost the ability to find the servers and every time I attempt to mount them I get the following error:

Error Code: 0x80070035
Network path not found.

I get this error for all three drives I'm attempting to mount. I'm able to ping the servers by name so it doesn't appear to be a DNS lookup error or something like that. In addition the other members of the group that run windows 8.1 still have the drives mounted and haven't had any issues since I lost my ability to connect to them so it appear to be an issue solely with my PC. Anyone have any suggestions?