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Desktop computer cutting off wifi when exiting hibernation

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    Desktop computer cutting off wifi when exiting hibernation

    I hope this is the right area for this issue, since Googling around for this seemed to yield very little relevant information.

    So my dad has a desktop that he's built himself with various parts that he bought himself, and it's currently wired to the modem (I think it's one of those router/modem hybrids, not too sure) via ethernet cable for... well, best results and consistency. He never bothered to mess with the settings, so it automatically enters sleep and then hibernation, which is probably normal for newer computers/laptops to do if you haven't touched the settings, right?

    Getting onto the actual issue here, the computer itself will periodically exit out of hibernation automatically (which I assume is normal? If not, please let me know), and that's where the issue is--every time that it does so, my brother's and mom's laptops will suddenly lose connection to the wifi that we have set up (indicated with that yellow triangle above the wifi icon on the taskbar) and will stay that way for several minutes, or until the computer has fully booted out of hibernation.

    I've been observing this for about one to two months now, with it always consistently happening each time that the computer would exit hibernation. I've checked with my mom and brother to see that it isn't some kind of virus or malware, to which they denied (think super-paranoid type that avoids anything even remotely suspicious), so I can only look at the computer being the culprit.

    I can't provide information on specs for said computer, as I did not partake in building it, nor have access to it currently, but if it helps, the model of the modem device is the Hitron CGN2 Residential Cable modem (There's a manual here if anyone wants to take a look)

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    Some devices have a bad issue with waking up after the OS comes back up. The Hibernation issue dates back to Windows XP SP3 when it actually started.

    Unless the device manufacturer has an updated driver that fixes the issue of the device not going back online when coming out of Hibernate. The only solution is to place the computer into Sleep mode or just power down.
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Desktop computer cutting off wifi when exiting hibernation
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