Hello, perhaps someone will be able to help me or give advice.
Running a new Acer Aspire V laptop with Windows 8.1 on a WLAN I noticed increased bandwidth use by the system. I have uninstalled most of the preinstalled Metro-Apps and Garbageware (those that could be uninstalled) and turned off BITS (although it keeps reactivating, even if set to Manual or Off - that's another thing ). I installed NetWorx to meter the flow and found that at one point it kept the internet use down to some 20 Bytes, but later it restarted having regular (10 second interval or so) peaks of 2,0 KB/s, even when BITS was off and no visible program was accessing the internet (browser, mail client). Windows Update is off also, and I can't figure out what app or service is using the internet here, because it continues with the peaks. Evn though the peaks show on NetWorx, there is no record in the Task Manager Network Screen. Just to check, I have also stopped Avast, since it does check back with the web, but that didn't change anything.
I know it isn't much, but I am on a 30GB/month-thing and that is already tight without the OS doing its own petty Downloads. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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