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Windows8.1 can't share folders or files.

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    Windows8.1 can't share folders or files.

    Hi folks,
    This is my first post here as I am at my wits end with WIndows 8.1 Pro.

    Let me start off by telling you what kind of idiot I am. I've been using computers since the days of the Atari.. then MSDOS on a 386 processor, then Windows 3.1, then a Pentium and win95, 98, and XP.
    I'm also quite adapt with VB programming language.

    So, I'm not computer illiterate. But you might think so after I post this..

    I have 2 computers (both WIndows8.1) for which I need to set up a single folder "My Shared Folder" on each computer so that we can transfer files and stuff between the two computers without constantly having to swap USB drives all the time.

    I have gone through all the "Homegroup" settings and the closest I got was when it would ask me for a USERNAME and a PASSWORD.. I know the password as it was given to me when I set up the HomeGroup, but I have no idea what username to use.
    I have also tried just right clicking on the folder within explorer.exe and trying to share it that way too.. no luck.

    Also, when I set up Homegroup, it would appear that it starts to share all my app data, document folder, and all kinds of folders that I DO NOT WANT SHARED.. Not that anyone can access them.

    Each computer can see the other on my home network but we can not get access.

    This stuff was easy in Windows XP.. why did they screw it up so bad?

    Can someone walk me though this? I have looked at all the tutorials on the internet and none of them seem to work for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by topgundcp View Post
    Thank you very much! Contrary to most other instructions, I had to uncheck the box that allows windows to manage the homegroup and check the box to "use user accounts". The problem I have now is that anyone who gets access to my network can not view and modify our shared folder files. While its not likely anyone would have access, we do have an android gizmo that uses a wireless connection and I'm always leery about it. So, is there a way to designate only certain computers to be allowed sharing? Perhaps designated via an IP address ( or maybe a MAC address or some other form of identification?
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    I'm not sure if what I do for Windows 7 will work for Windows 8. In the advanced sharing options for any particular folder -- after clicking advanced sharing twice, for Set maximum limit for [some big word] users to: 4
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Windows8.1 can't share folders or files.
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