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Router/switch problem

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    Router/switch problem

    I was running out of space with my 8 port swtich so I got a Linksys 16 port one. But, for some reason, 2 computers cannot connect to the internet when they are connected to the switch but work fine when connected directly to the router.

    I've moved the cables around and it seems that it's not auto sensing or grabbing an IP address. Some devices seem to only work when connected directly to the router instead of the switch.
    Why is that? I've tried other switches and the same thing happens. I have 4 ports on the router and whether I use the 8 or 16 port, the same thing happens with certain devices. Is there a limit to bandwidth and perhaps I have too much hooked to it? I don't think so but I'm not sure what else to do.
    Any ideas?


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    It helps to know the model number of the new switch.
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    Netgear GS116 and a Dlink 1008G.
    I've moved wires around and made a bunch of static IP's and I think I've got this fixed but why I have to do all this, I don't know.
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Router/switch problem
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