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Windows Vista and XP question

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    Windows Vista and XP question

    I was told to ask here since so few people still visit the VistaX64 forum. Maybe some of you have the answer, if you don't mind.

    I'm so confused by network administration. I have a Home Network that was doing okay until I bought my laptop. My main computer is a Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit system, my wife's computer is a Windows XP 32-bit computer. They both connect to the router by wire. I've shared some of my folders to Everyone so that she can access them from her unit.

    I recently bought a Windows 8.1 64-bit laptop computer to which I only want to share some folders from my Vista unit, but not with her computer. All three computers are on the same Workgroup.

    My main computer and her computer do not have passwords set. The laptop does have a password. I have not set up User Accounts for each other on our computers. One thing I'd like to do is be able to access her entire computer from mine for when I have to troubleshoot.

    I can't seem to set up my laptop to access a single folder unless I share it with Everyone, but then she will have access too. I've tried creating a user account, but that only seems to work for people using my own computer. How can I set up access to my Vista computer's folder from only my Win8.1 laptop?

    I tried turning on Password Protected sharing and created a User Account, but I still couldn't access the folder from the laptop. I can access any folders shared with Everyone, but I cannot find a way to share with a single computer on the network.

    I've tried accessing her computer using \\her computer\C$, but that only gets a message that it found her computer, but no location C$. I've shared her entire C drive and can get to it, but I still can't get to folders "being used by the operating system". Using her computer, I'm able to access every file and folder on my computer because it asks for a password. The only account for which I use a password is the Administrator account. I tried creating an account with a password on her computer, but it wouldn't ask for a password when I tried to access.

    Any help?

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    I suggested a couple of things on the Vista forum but nothing proved useful. Since Windows 8.1 is also in the mix I suggested the post here. It is beyond my networking experience so I hope someone more net adept will help out. I realize W10 coming out kind of sucks the air out of everything else. But hopefully a net savvy poster can solve the problem.

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Windows Vista and XP question
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