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Major Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

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    Major Wi-Fi connectivity problem.

    Can anyone please, please help?? I'm backpacking for 3 years plus, and after countless visits to internet cafes the past year, i decided it would be cost effective to buy a laptop. My choice, due to low cost was an Acer running windows 8.1. That's the back ground out the way, so here's the problem.

    All was fine for the first 3 months. I could connect to all Wi-Fi points without issue. Then all of a sudden it just stopped connecting to 80% of Wi-Fi points. When i say stopped connecting, i mean it does 1 of 2 things. I either get a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark saying Wi-Fi is "limited" OR, i connect fine, but the connection drops after 15 seconds or so. Say i have a 3 bar signal in the second scenario given above, the signal will spike to 5 bar just before is disconnects. It's always one of these 2 issues. In the rare 20% of cases, it connects perfectly.

    I've looked up many things online and gone into DOS and done the ipconfig/all command, the ipconfig/release and renew commands. I've gone in to device manager, uninstalled my WiFi adapter and reinstalled it. Deactivated firewalls. Ensured IPv4 is set to automatic and that DHCP? is active. Yet the problem still persists. Since returning to Thailand (where i bought the laptop), i went back to the shop i bought it from but it's not under warranty as i have since left the country, so they won't even look at it. During this visit back to Thailand i have tried connecting to places i stayed at before and it worked fine, but now it does the same "limited" or works for 15 secs before spiking and cutting off. Other people using newer and older laptops than me can all connect perfectly.

    It's driving me mad. Any suggestions appreciated. I'm about ready to smash the laptop up . It cost me a lot of money and is a pain to carry about but was useful for keeping my travel blog up to date and researching areas i'm in. Please help.
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    Most likely you picked up an infection at one of the cafe's that is causing the problem. There is a tool over at that may fix the problem. MiniToolBox Download
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Major Wi-Fi connectivity problem.
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