Hi Guys,

Hoping someone can help, at the end of my tether!

Laptop Specs - Lenovo Z580, I5, 3210m 2.5Gz, 8gb RAM 1Tb. Windows 8.1 (64 bit).

First things first, My On board wireless adaptor is knackered. It has been for a while and I am at peace with this.

I have been using a nano USB adaptor for the past while and it has been great, regualry gettiing 50 megs service which is what I should be getting. A few months ago this dropped to 3 meg and after getting out an engineer form my broadband provider (Virgin) it was deduced my adaptor was faulty. I bought a new one from PC World and all was good again. This one has also became faulty,It was knocked when in used an dI now get BSOD's when I use it. Never mind, I'll ge another one.

I bought a new one from Ebay - Only a Nano one - Cheap and cheerful but herein lies the problem. It cannot seem to detect my wireless network. It definitely there as when I plug in USB adaptor 1 t comes up(slowly) and works but as soon as the new adaptor goes in the network is gone.

I have spent many days trying tofigure this out, The adaptor is cleary being found my the laptop as it appears as connected and shows up in device managed and that says the device is working properly. I have update all the drives as far as I know, I have reset and uninstalled the device many times. I have deleted duplicate entries in device manager (including the hidden ones).
I have disabled the power management things as I read could help and messed with the registry as another site recommended but again, no joy.

Here where you guys come in. Can anyone suggest something new or point out any stupid errors I am over looking? Anything would be much appreciated!

Kind Regards