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Want correct speed for my wifi using youtube..

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    Want correct speed for my wifi using youtube..

    Hey guys, - I know I download at 16Mbps as per speed tests on my wifi..

    the issue I have is why doesn't it use much much more than 4-5Mbps when I watch Youtube videos?? this really upsets me because I try to watch 720p high quality videos and they take awhile to load especially when I want to skip around..

    so I'm ready for suggestions..

    is it settings in my adapter? I have Qos totally unchecked and turned off in advanced adapter settings..

    Click image for larger version

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    Youtube uses a Variable Streaming rate. Since you run it inside your web browser, there is no way of knowing what the data stream actually is.
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    Your Internet speed is between your computer/Router and your ISP/Internet Service Provider, any other download speeds are dependent upon the Server you are downloading from and all the routing from it to you. Or in other words, you are not connecting directly to the YouTube Server.
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    Ok guys thanks for the answers..

    however I dont know what to do about it..

    so I'll give you this example -

    From your logic, Your telling me that person with a download of speed of 115Mbps will get the same download as me with my 16Mbps cap of my network..??

    that means based on my test that I get 5Mbps download speed on Youtube video - with your logic, that its the youtube server, then Youtube is only sending 5Mbps to everyone in the world no matter how fast their internet connection is..??

    am I getting that correct?

    or is this a setting for my wifi card that is slowing it down.. or computer/router settings?
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    Not always brooksndun. With CRC and Variable bit rates, anything you do on the Internet will never be a consistent rate. The way to look at this, is to look at the basis of what came out with the software used with dial-up modems. The hardware on modern modems & gateways, took the place of what software was doing with old school Dial-up software and dial-up modems.

    The fast the CPU/APU in modems/Gateways, along with available RAM, some modems will be faster for WAN to LAN speeds than others.

    Most ISP's have a dedicated pipe to Google. Others do not. The other biggest issue is that people tend to have background processes running that use the Internet, while they are watching Youtube.
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Want correct speed for my wifi using youtube..
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