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Where to find out what advanced Wifi options mean???

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    Where to find out what advanced Wifi options mean???

    Who knows or where can I find out what these mean? For example, QoS I turned off as I want my youtube videos loading as fast as possible and not slowed down etc..

    but the others I've never heard of..

    is there a website that explains all advanced settings on wifi cards?

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    LDPC is called low density parity check code and is a correction error which I would turn off for a faster connection. VHT & HT are called Very High Througput and High Throughput which refers to PHY rates of 6.5 Mbps to 433 Mbps per stream. TX is called Transmit stream and RX is called Receiving stream.

    Stbc is called Space Time Block Coding which is part of 802.11n and 802.11ac MIMO. I would leave the settings disabled for the "StbcCap"

    To be honest, I would never touch the settings with WiFi except for "Wireless Mode".
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    Thank you theVeterens,

    I do understand to not touch the advanced settings.. but in this case, this is literally a $10 wifi card from amazon. It's not even my internal wifi card.. This is just a secondary USB wifi card I was trying out for hotspots etc..

    I'm totally ok if I screw up this wifi card settings.. and yes, thank you for telling me which ones I should set for faster performance.. It's only a usb 2.0 wifi card as well..

    but anyway I'd love to know what the advanced settings are and you helped with this specific wifi card.

    I have a whole more bunch of settings for my actual internal wifi card.. but yeah, that's probably not worth messing with.

    anyway, thanks.
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Where to find out what advanced Wifi options mean???
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