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Local LAN, One laptop not ping

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    Local LAN, One laptop not ping

    I connect a CAT5 cable between two laptops. I want to try Games on LAN
    However in one laptop everything is OK
    But on other laptop there is a yellow mark on Connection icon for LAN

    I tried:
    - Use same settings for Network and Sharing settings for both laptops (all connections allowed)
    - Disabling all firewalls and antiviruses
    - Try automatic IP assign for both (Can ping from 1st laptop to other one, But cannot ping from other laptop to 1st laptop
    - Try to give local IP to both laptops (i am familiar with the process) e.g.
    laptop 1: (other subnet and dns default)
    laptop 2: and all other things same to first laptop
    laptop 1: can ping in all situation to other laptop
    laptop 2: cannot ping to 1st laptop and always shows yellow icon on its LAN icon

    Also both laptops has Admin privilege and they installed by default, they are not have weird homegroup or etc setting.

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    The easiest way to do this is to find / purchase an Ethernet hub and plug both laptops into the hub. You will then be able to ping both laptops. To do it the way you are trying to do it, you will need a "crossover" cable to connect the two laptops directly together.
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Local LAN, One laptop not ping
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