Hi! So here's what's happening to me.

I set up a Windows 8.1 computer to act as a VPN server (using Window's built in PPTP server) so that I could connect to my home network when I am elsewhere and be able to access shared folders in that network. I set up the server and everything seemed to work fine. I created a new incoming connection, checked the "Through the Internet" box, made sure IPv6 wasn't selected and disabled the automatic DHCP thing and replaced it with a range of IP's. I could connect to it a my external IP on the client machine changed to my home IP, but I couldn't see all of my network shares.
None showed up under the "Network" tab in Windows Explorer, but I could access some by manually typing in the IP, fine by me. But I also had shared folders that were on the computer acting as the VPN server, and I couldn't access those. I tried to ping the VPN server but nothing. I could ping other machines in the network but the ping request would always time out when I tried to ping the VPN server. The server could ping the client computer but the reverse wasn't working.

I can't seem to figure out why this is happening, I tried searching around online but I found a lot of people that did something that solved it but that when I do it, nothing changes.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!