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are these ipv6 or something connections?

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    are these ipv6 or (malware)something connections?

    Anybody know how to find out what these addresses are? I do believe I turned off ipv6 for my network adapters..

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    Looks like it is,

    IPv6 information and setup
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    thanks for looking that up..

    ok well.. thats fine and dandy - but I turned off ipv6

    - so why is my firewall blocking connections to ipv6 and why are they trying to connect?!....

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    That's a good question, I don't really know to be honest.

    They all seem to be on the same port.

    Have you tried looking them up? Online investigation tool - IP, DNS, MX, WHOIS and SEO tools

    I just noticed I have an ipv6 address from Comcast while looking for an answer for you and the link above gives some info about it's origin.
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    Seeing as how we're rapidly running out of IPV4 addresses you might want to turn IPV6 back on.
    Also, just because you turned it off doesn't mean people stop trying to connect with it. It just wont happen if it's off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cradom View Post
    Seeing as how we're rapidly running out of IPV4 addresses you might want to turn IPV6 back on.
    Also, just because you turned it off doesn't mean people stop trying to connect with it. It just wont happen if it's off.
    Actually that is incorrect. There are over 4 Billion possible addresses available for IPv4. The reason that IPv6 has not become mainstream. Is that it still has an issue with spoofing and malware protection on routers, smart switches, computers.

    In 2010 they stated that we would run out of addresses by the end of the year, by using the whole Chicken Little effect. It still has not happened. As Class C IP's are released that are no longer used. The available public addresses grow.
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    Actually, it has already happened. I have bought IPv6 router long time ago, but since my ISP does not support it, I can only dream about it, not that I am looking forward using it, since it eliminates privacy.

    With the Americas running out of IPv4, it’s official: The Internet is full

    U.S. to Run Out of IPv4 Addresses This Summer | News & Opinion |

    Asia and Europe are already out, and the U.S. is up next, according to The Wall Street Journal. Specifically, we're running low on IPv4 addresses, a supply that is expected to be exhausted by this summer in North America.
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    ISP's are using Tunneling outside of their network. Other than that, everything in print is FUD as I stated in the last paragraph. PCMag has always been pro Microsoft, along with the writers love to use the Chicken Little effect, to cause panic.

    This is from March this year. When ICANN announced in 2011 that all IPv4 pools were used up, was actually incorrect information. They were trying to force the change from IPv4 to IPv6 at that time. But in reality it never happened. It may never happen in our lifetime, because there are over 4 Billion combinations of IPv4 addresses, along with those pools that were Reserved, were put back into the pool.

    Until ICANN stops playing around with their game of reserving IP's for pools under IPv4. They will continue to hold hostage and strong arm ISP's to use IPv6, without the proper security protocols in place to protect users & equipment. Biggest risks in IPv6 security today | Network World
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    Ok I see there is a lot of info about ipv6.. but the way windows still has it show up and my firewall blocks it is the point I was a little concerned with since it apparently is making it to my firewall on my computer when I turned off ipv6.. perhaps that's how connections work even when you turn them off..

    so when I turn off ipv4 in my network settings, I will still see a bunch of connections trying to connect to my computer?? is this making sense on where I was coming from?

    in terms of running out of internet addresses, I personally do believe its a money-making scheme and scare tactic and hey, who doesn't want to make money exploiting anything? we all would..

    but nobody, I'm sure, cares about the internet running out of addresses.. I mean really? thats like worrying about the sun running out of heat.. there is just way too much time until that happens and we can't change it anyway..

    I mean with the amount of combinations of letters,number, and all the .com .to .whatever domain names.. really?
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    oh, and after you read my above post, the whole point of this original post I actually narrowed down to only attempting to connect when I had Utorrent running.. how about them apples..
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are these ipv6 or something connections?
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