Hi everyone,

I am posting here because I have a serious networking error and hope that a savvy person can help me.

I am running a flight simulator software called x-plane on a windows 8.1 64 bit machine. All was fine until one day ago when I received the following error:

udp_socket_read udp_init failed!

It is all about the use of UDP port 49000 which the application seems to see as used by another application. There is no other application running and using this port, netstat is not showing any use of this port.

AFAIK however there must be another application using port 49000. Can anyone point me to a way to find out which app this might be? I am looking for a better netscanner than the build in netstat. I uninstalled the networking adapter drivers and reinstalled to no avail.

Excuse my ignorance on networking.