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Random Internet Drops on College Dorms Wifi During Summers

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    Random Internet Drops on College Dorms Wifi During Summers

    Hello everyone

    Our college dorm is like a 4 story building with two corridors on each level having a wifi router after every 6 meters that serves probably 5 rooms ( each room having 2 people). The internet is provided to us by our ict dept which for some reason no one knows where it is.

    So the problem is that during summertime especially, this issue comes up. 2 guys sitting in the same room, 1s getting a perfectly smooth internet and the others internet drops after every few seconds for about 10 seconds. At times, a guy sitting in my room will be getting disconnections but i wont. Other people on the floor are facing this issue too. I have confirmed that the channels being used by the wifi modems/routers (sorry i dont know the difference) is either 1, 6 or 11 on all of them.

    The wifi signal remains the same during this "disconnection" period. I still see 4 bars but i cant surf or if im downloading it goes down to 0 kbps for about 10 seconds or more then comes back for a little while before disconnecting again.

    I cant understand the issue. What just happened now is that on a pc my friend was using a usb tp link tl-wn722n to access wifi and he was facing disconnections. All he did was come to my room get my roomates tp link(same model) and its working perfectly for him now.

    Please for the love of goodness help me.

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    Yes that is very common in Dorms. It all depends on how they have the WIFI A/P's are set up.

    The IT group could also be using the Summer break to upgrade equipment, replace bad Ethernet cables, switches, etc.

    You need to go talk to the IT dept. for the school and see what is going on.

    My son had to use a Netgear Ac USB external adapter with a USB jumper to get a proper signal in certain areas on his campus.
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Random Internet Drops on College Dorms Wifi During Summers
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