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Delay / frozen access out of Word to my NAS

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    Delay / frozen access out of Word to my NAS

    Good day
    I have somewhat unpleasant when accessing my NAS through the network. When accessing via Windows Explorer to my NAS then the NAS "responds" immediately, no any delay at all.

    But when I want to store a MS document (Word, Excel etc) in the NAS it takes 20-30 seconds until the NAS reponse. The same phenomenon when opening a file. It looks like the connecting is frozen resp. initially gives no feedback. After some time around 20 secounds the NAS is available.

    My NAS is named as SATURN in the Network.
    Under C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc> Hosts, I have inserted SATURN and SATURN

    Can anyone help to eliminate this everlasting "Waiting" on a Response from the NAS to my call out of MS programms
    Thank you for helping and nice weekend.
    See You

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    1. Normally the Hard Drives in your NAS will be turned off after certain interval to save electricity cost. So if it is off for a while then will need to spin up when you access your NAS. You can change this setting in your NAS to turn it off under power management.
    2. You need to login into your Router and assign a static IP for your NAS so that everytime you power up the NAS, the same IP will be assigned to it. I am not sure why you set your hosts file with 2 addresses for your NAS.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your input. Here my comments:

    1) The problem is only when storing something out of MS-Word on th NAS. I can access the NAS via Windows Explorer and response is immediately. One second later through Word > store under > Computer > search > SATURN (here frozen for about 20 secounds > then the filestructure is shown. When doing the same through PowerPoint there is no delay.
    The Harddrives are running no reduced power response. No electric reduction configuration (power management) is activated on the NAS.

    Is it possible that word remembers something in the Registry regarding storage which is no more valid.
    Do you know something about such a behaviour of word ?

    2) The NAS has 2 network adapter one is and the other 22. That is the reason why I put both IP's in the hosts file. Fixed IP address is set in the router.
    Thanks for helping.
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    It all depends on the type of NAS. I have no issues with my Lenovo ix2-4. It also depends on how the NAS is connected to your network, what kind of router you have, what type of wifi connection (b,g,n).

    As for the Static IP. You want to do it on the NAS itself, not from the router/gateway. You can assign an IP to a MAC ID to reserve that IP.
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Delay / frozen access out of Word to my NAS
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