I'm Having a few problems.

First off to make sure I'm not going crazy, wasn't there a Bluetooth toggle switch in the Charm/Flyout menu or what have you when you clicked on the network button on the taskbar in the bottom right on the desktop UI: It shows Networks such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet (if applicable), Airplane mode and (formerly) Bluetooth all of which (excluding Ethernet) with an On/Off toggle.

Next I have to go to Bluetooth settings to turn on my Bluetooth. Which wasn't the case at first. But now my Bluetooth icon disappears if it is off. That wasn't always the case, but I can't get things back to how they were.

I'd first like to know that I didn't imagine that the whole way through, as well as how to fix the issue and what caused it?

I thought it might have been a registry corruption, but I reloaded Windows 8.1 OS on my laptop.

The drivers were successfully installed so I don't think that's the case either. I understand this was moved in a year old update. I, however; was just affected recently.

Thanks you for taking the time to read that

Oh and the Bluetooth device works fine and shows in Device manager.