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Set up 8.1 as a TCP proxy/Forward

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    Set up 8.1 as a TCP proxy/Forward

    Hello all!

    I have two systems on two different WAN networks. One of them is a code server, which runs an app on port 1000.
    That system is also running an HTTP server on port 80.

    I have a client that is blocking requests out of their network to port 1000.

    I have a second machine that's not running HTTP. My plan is to set that up as a port forward, so that all TCP traffic sent to that machine on port 80 is forwarded to port 1000 on the other machine.

    Basically make the second machine a pass through: WEB <---80---> PROXY <---1000---> Code Server

    I once set this up on a W7 machine using netsh, but the destination port was local.

    I looked into using NEtTCPIP on powershell (with New-NetRoute), but I think this assumes a local port map.

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    Linux Mint 17.2 covers how to set the Firewall on the router to allow the port to be open when a request is made to it.
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    I'll check that, but this isn't a firewall issue; I want to use the system essentially as a proxy server.
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    Just checked- is a tool that sets your router and firewall to allow port forwarding to the correct device on your network. That's not what I am trying to do here. Unless I have missed something on their site about re-routing TCP packets.
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    Linux Mint 17.2

    Yes it is a Firewall/Nat issue on the Router. Just follow the instructions for assigning the port to the proper IP for the server. Then you just need the URL or IP to connect to it remotely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    Yes it is a Firewall/Nat issue on the Router.
    My router does not do this. My router only has NAT to the local network; it will not route TCP packets to another WAN IP.

    I already have NAT forwarding all traffic directed to my WAN address to my server on the local subnet. What I want is for that W8.1 PC to then forward all traffic on port 80 to port 1000 on a machine that is on another WAN IP (a virtual server hosted by an ISP, not my personal ISP).
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Set up 8.1 as a TCP proxy/Forward
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