This issue already happened in Consumer Preview of Windows 8, but after installing the Release Preview I still see this.
I have a WeTab 32GB tablet to run Windows 8.

After installing Windows 8 CP I had to install Mobile Partner software in order to connect to 3G. After connecting once the connection showed up in the "Networks" part of the "Settings" charm. Is was shown as a broadband connection. Tapping it once enabled me to connect and check the box to connect automatically. If I choose the "Properties" I was able to set it as a metered connection. This all happened in the Metro UI.
If I went to the "Wireless" tab of the "PC Settings" the connection was showing up as "Mobile Broadband" device.

For some reason (I am not sure what changed) at some point I don't see the connection in the "Wireless" tab of the "PC settings" anymore. Next to that the icon in the "Networks" charm has changed (it shows a phone). Tapping it once only enables me to connect. Tap and hold to view the connection properties sends me to the classic Windows desktop where a classic properties screen is being displayed.

I am not able to select to connect automatically.

I was hoping this would have changed after installing the Release Preview. But after doing so and installing the Mobile Partner software it automatically included my settings. So I still have this issue. How can I change this back?

Thanks in advance!