Well, i get straight to the point!

I have configured a Cisco ASA 5505 as a VPN server and configured it
to accept remote access from windows clients using L2TP/IPSec connection.

W7 clients can establish a VPN connection and connect to
the network drives (network access), which reside on Windows Server 2008 (domain controller).

My problem is that the W 8.1 clients CAN establish VPN connection but have no network access
and cannot connect to network drives. Its getting really frustrating...

What I have checked:

I can ping firewall router with success but not beyond that.

W8.1 client gets the correct IP address, mask and including DNS server address from VPN server address pool.

I have activated all sharing options in network sharing center.

The gateway option under IPv4/Properties/Advanced for the VPN connection is unchecked.

I created a rule in the firewall, both inbound and outbound for routing services/protocols for VPN.

I turned off the firewall but no success.

I have configured the local policy (network security options) and unchecked 128 encryption
and to accept both LM and NTLM.

I tried both as user and administrator on several computers but with same results.

Any ideas?