I've spent the best part of a month trying to get a VPN connection from a Windows 7 Ultimate client to a Windows 8.1 Pro server.
After all of the below I have today managed to get a VPN connection from the W7 client to the W8.1 server, but Network and Sharing Center on W8.1 says 'RAS (Dial In) Interface: Public Network. Access Type: No internet access', and, although the W7 client shows that the connection was successful, I can't see the VPN network (I have no actual access to ANYTHING on the W8.1 PC).
Below are details of the configurations.
The W7 client is connected to the internaet via 'Internet Sharing' on my Nokia Lumia 625.
The W8.1 Server is connected via my Virgin Super Hub router.
So both the server and the client have different WAN 'external' IPs
The WAN IP, although I haven't paid for static, ALWAYS stays the same.
After multiple failures, I've changed the default gateway on the server (W8.1) from to so as to avoid IP clashing.(I can get access to the internet so there appears to be no connectivity issues associated with the change of Gateway IP).
I've opened the following ports on my Virgin Super Hub:
47/TCP & UDP
50/TCP & UDP
501/TCP & UDP
ALL pointing to the W8.1 PC at
(Initially I opened only 1723, but with no success, it was only when I opened the others that I connected to the server.)
I've allowed pass through on Ipsec, PPTP. and 'Multicast'
Windows 7 (VPN Client) PC:
I've successfully set up a VPN connection to the W8.1 server PC (Using the Virgin Super Hub router WAN IP that is current and regularly checked) via the Network and Sharing Center.
Windows 8.1 (VPN Server) PC:
I've successfully set up an 'Incoming Connections' via the Network and Sharing Center.
I've created a user, and recorded the username and password for such.
I've ticked the IPv4, IPv6, 'File and Sharing for Microsoft Networks', and the QoS Packet Scheduler boxes in the 'Incoming Connections' properties.
I've allowed all of the above ports through the firewall.
I've allowed Remote acces to the computer via System Properties/Remote.
ALL files etc are set to 'Shared' (and they can be accessed via Homegroup from the W7 pc)
I'm at a loss to understand why, even though the client declares that a VPN connection has been made, that there is no actual access to ANYTHING AT ALL on the server, nor, when the W7 client declares that there is a VPN connection to the W8.1 server, is there any internet access on the W7 client.
I respectfully ask for your guidance.