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    Windows 8.1 Wifi Limited Connectivity

    My wifi keeps dropping after 30 min and giving me a wifi limited connectivity problem: DNS server not responding upon troubleshooting the problem. I have an ASUS notebook 8 months old came pre-installed with Windows 8.1 and with Qualcomm Atheros Wifi Adapter and I use my neighbor's WLAN router to connect to wifi. Sometimes I use the library. My wife has a macbook and has never had a problem at either of these locations. So the router seems to be working perfectly with her computer. If my neighbor's wifi gives me limited signal, my wife keeps surfing away--very frustrating. I do however just use my Android wifi and this magically works when I am getting a limited through the neighbor's WLAN router. Although I have had this Android wifi also cut off on my PC; point being my computer loses wifi and my wife's macbook never does with all these exact same connections.

    Before my factory refresh, I was only losing wifi maybe once a day; however I could often trapped after a limited wifi signal not be able to re-connect without multiple re-starts of my computer and DNS refreshes. I could surf online for 8-10 hours, then all of a sudden it wouldn't work. Now it is more like 30 minutes. Either way, there is a major problem with wifi limited connectivity and my neighbor's router. But as I said, my wife's macbook works perfectly and it is actually 9 years old. My PC is 8 months old and can't even connect to wifi. Whats wrong with windows 8.1?

    If I type the following command prompts: "ipconfig/flushdns" and "netsh winsock reset catalog" and restart my computer then wait 2-3 minutes I can usually reconnect back to wifi for another 30 minutes before it goes out again. I have tried many things including: 1. factory refresh computer twice 2. updated drivers, re-installed, disabled and re-enabled 3. uncheck power box settings 4. "netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.txt" 5. using this google preferred DNS and alternate DNS 5.netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled 6. global autotuning=disabled rss=enabled 8. bought a usb wifi adapter but this is also giving me a limited sign at times

    I may have tried any other troubleshoots I found online concerning this problem but have not found any workaround to this problem. What is the problem with Windows 8.1? Is there anything I can do in order to have a working wifi on this computer? This seems so basic to laptops why is this a Windows 8.1 epidemic with no solution? Do I have to install Ubuntu, Chrome OS, or just wait until Windows 10?

    If anyone has any advice on how to get my wifi working normally, I would appreciate any help.

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    I'll tell you what seemed to solve the problem for me. I identified the primary/secondary DNS server IP addresses used by my ISP, and then set those IP addresses as primary/secondary DNS servers in both my wireless router and my wireless network adapters. I have no clue why this helped.
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Windows 8.1 Wifi Limited Connectivity
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