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All of a sudden my laptop wifi signal is dropping (win 8)

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    All of a sudden my laptop wifi signal is dropping (win 8)

    Hi guys,
    wonder if anyone can help me , all of a sudden (past two days) my laptop Lenovo y70 brand new has been having trouble with signal , it goes from 5 bars to 2 then back again every 30 seconds , i normally use my laptop for gaming and its been fine untill today for example i can no longer log into World of warcraft it just gets stuck on connecting.

    I have tried to call my provider "BT" they said everything is fine
    I have tried restarting my router ect ( BT home hub)
    I recently got a wireless mouse i tried removing that in case it was interfering but still same.

    any help please?

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    How far away from router? What make/model WiFi adapter?
    Also if you are really on 8 you should upgrade to 8.1.

    And welcome to the forum!
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    not far its just at the bottom of the stairs but its always been there.

    no idea to either of those questios im a noob the laptop i bought month or so ago is the lenovo y70 touch if that helps?
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    First, make sure you've followed these steps, especially how the router is located: Wifi connection problem | Help | Help

    You don't know what version of 8 you have? Type system information into the search bar, hit enter and it will show what version of Windows you have.
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    its 8.1 and the router has been in this place for years and never have i had any signal problems at all? its making me think its the WLAN card in the laptop?
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    Yea, could be the card is crapping out. Make sure the settings for the card don't allow for sleep or any kind of power saving/efficiency mode. Other than that since nothing has changed it may be the card itself going bad.

    When you move the laptop closer to the hub does the signal stay strong?
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    how do i see the card settings?

    Yep it seems to be the case - doesnt make sense for a brand new laptop
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    windows 8

    does this info help?
    You are connected to the internet
    Connected through Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3160
    IP Address
    Subnet mask
    Gateway server
    Preferred DNS server
    DHCP Enabled
    DHCP server
    External IP Address
    Adapter Type IEEE 802.11 wireless
    NetBIOS over TCP/IP Enabled via DHCP
    NETBIOS Node Type Hybrid node
    Link Speed 0 Bps
    Computer Name
    DNS Name SamBeech
    Membership Part of workgroup
    Workgroup WORKGROUP
    Remote Desktop
    State Active
    Domain SAMBEECH
    WinInet Info
    LAN Connection
    Local system uses a local area network to connect to the Internet
    Local system has RAS to connect to the Internet
    Wi-Fi Info
    Using native Wi-Fi API version 2
    Available access points count 4
    Wi-Fi (BTHub3-R3HK)
    SSID BTHub3-R3HK
    Frequency 2412000 kHz
    Channel Number 1
    Name BTHub3-R3HK
    Signal Strength/Quality 84
    Security Enabled
    State The interface is connected to a network
    Dot11 Type Infrastructure BSS network
    Network Connectible
    Network Flags Currently Connected to this network
    Cipher Algorithm to be used when joining this network AES-CCMP algorithm
    Default Auth used to join this network for the first time 802.11i RSNA algorithm that uses PSK
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    windows 8

    Click image for larger version
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    You need to post all of the text from "netsh wlan show all". Not just a capture of a few lines.
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All of a sudden my laptop wifi signal is dropping (win 8)
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