Hi All,

I've been trying to set up my home network and share files. I have set everything up according to Windows 8.1 settings, but still can't see anything other than my own computer in Network. All home computers say they are "Shared" I have shared my drive, and particular folders, but can't see anything, on any computer.

I assume this is because of a security issue. So I went to the security tab in Properties of the drive I want to share and clicked the read function. But it told me it could not do this because the access was not granted to a restriction in Bootmgr.

I tried to get into Bootmgr, but it would not allow me. So I clicked out of that, thinking it did nothing. But when I went back into the security tab, the read box was ticked. This happened on all the computers I'm networking, all Windows 8. But I still can't access any files between my networked computers.

Any thoughts?