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Constant "Resolving DNS" issues - all browsers, all sites

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Constant "Resolving DNS" issues - all browsers, all sites

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, so feel free to move.

    I don't remember when this started, but I am having a lot of trouble with DNS taking a long time to resolve both at home and at one other location (my client's office). Both are wired ethernet connections through a router. It is ruining my productivity as I have to have a lot of tabs open and visit a lot of sites throughout the day for work. It is slow across all websites and all browsers. I can see Chrome reporting that it is looking up parts of the page, waiting for various domains to respond, then "resolving DNS". Page load times can be ridiculously slow, if not painful (especially at my client's office).

    Anecdotally, it seems to get progressively worse the more time I spend on the machine during the course of the work day or post rebooting the machine. Other times, it's reasonably ok. It is not present on every network I access. For example working on wifi at a location other than home or my client's office.

    The only fix I have tried that seems to have made any difference is to assign myself a static IP address at home. This is obviously impractical as a permanent solution and the impact is slight at best.

    Below is a list of everything I've tried to solve it (probably not in order), followed by a list of things I have not tried. I have also attached tracert results using

    • Ran full virus and malware scans - all clean
    • Unchecked IPv6
    • Using Google DNS on IPV4
    • Unchecked auto detect proxy sever
    • Examined hosts file - it's empty
    • Flushed DNS on PC
    • Flushed DNS cache in Chrome (primary browser, but issue is across all browsers)
    • Disabled "turn off this device to save power" for all network adapters
    • Ran netsh winsock reset
    • Disabled Bonjour in services
    • Removed all but essential Chrome extensions (primary browser, but again, issue is across all browsers)
    • Uninstalled iTunes
    • Uninstalled Norton, turned on Defender
    • Rolled back network adapter driver to an OEM version.
    • Set static IP address
    • Typical results: 125Mbps download, 13Mbps upload, ping 9ms

    Not tried:

    • Replacing my home router (which won't help when I'm on other networks)
    • Disable "detect IP flooding" - I tried to locate this in my router and modem settings, but neither had access to this.

    Please see attached for Sys Info on Asus notebook running Windows 8.1 x64

    Additional equipment:
    • Modem: Motorola Surfboard (SB6141)
    • Router (at home): Linksys E4200, Wireless N dual-band

    Any ideas or help greatly appreciated. I can't take it anymore. :-)


    Click image for larger version

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    I'm having the same issue and it's driving me nuts! I've also tried everything you did and still no luck. I also assigned myself a fixed IP but it did not helped.

    Are you still having the same issue? My only hope left now is Windows 10...
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    IP flooding has nothing to do with 1 PC. IP flooding is where a lot of IP's connect to the router and overwhelm it. A flood of IP addresses.
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    Also, contact your manufacturer about this problem. If it's dell, don't even bother. They have the worst customer service. Have you tried getting a new ethernet cable? I doubt this is the problem. There can be all kinds of causes and solutions. This may not help, but try running these commands:

    Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup&sfc/scannow&Dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth&sfc/scannow&pause

    Tell me the results.
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    I'm still having intermittent problems with it but not as bad. I have tried different Ethernet cables and different networks. Did all the image clean ups and scannow restore. Nothing helped until I found a thread in another forum where a user said opening the Skype app that came installed on their machine was recommended by someone else to fix a 100% CPU issue that I was also having. This significantly reduced my overall lag across the board. I know - makes absolutely no sense. But worth a shot.
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    If you wanted to, you could entirely reset your whole computer.
    (Erase the hard drive entirely so no data can be recovered)
    (Delete the Bios)
    Other than that, try using just Wi-Fi if that will help.
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    what's this method of

    1. "erasing the hard drive"

    2. how to "Delete the bios"

    I'm very curious to your method for doing those 2 things.. as I'd like to do that especially since I'm about to reinstall windows 8.1 again..
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    Quote Originally Posted by brooksndun View Post
    what's this method of

    1. "erasing the hard drive"

    2. how to "Delete the bios"

    I'm very curious to your method for doing those 2 things.. as I'd like to do that especially since I'm about to reinstall windows 8.1 again..
    I would be very careful before doing either of these things.
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    I appreciate it David, but i'm ok in this isntance - this may be difficult to hear but I actually really don't care about my computer that much haha...

    I just like the idea of wiping it dry all the time cause I feel so funny with all the way the things are today (backhand way of programs doing things and installing this and that behind my back and all the stuff that's in my computer from all the crap I do.. and I try a lot of crap..)

    but anyway I know I should be careful.. I just am really curious about how to delete the bios..

    That sounds like a disaster yes, but its ok for me.. i'm truly just curious I probably wouldn't actually delete the bios.. but I will wipe my hard drive..
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    Some motherboards have a simple BIOS delete button somewhere on them. Others, (older models) make you take out the battery and put it back in several times.
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Constant "Resolving DNS" issues - all browsers, all sites
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