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My modem/router suddenly started makes a clicking sound.

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    I don't have a security system. The modem that the phone lines go through is the one in the basement. The clicking was up stairs. Whenever I reboot the upstairs modem & router there is no sound.

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    I'm a little late to the party but I can confirm I too am having these clicking sounds with my U-Verse Gateway. I do not have the TV or Telephone service, strictly Internet service. A month ago the modem would click loud enough for me to hear in another room. For me, it's a one time double click per reboot. The modem then resets, drops the connection and reboots. Wait about 5-10 minutes & the entire click/reboot process starts over again.

    I attempted a hard reboot (unplugged 30 seconds) and a reset (red button). Neither had any impact. My internet drops for a few hours then returns. The SSID disappears & the LAN drops as well. Yesterday, it dropped and is still down 26 hours later. U-Verse tech ran remote tests & said they would have to send a technician. What's odd is how until now would always reconnect after a few hours.

    I too was surprised that a solid state device could make a mechanical sounding clicking. While it may or may not be a mechanical sound, the sound definitely exists. And having done a few searches, this is not strictly something experienced by the OP or myself.
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    That is because there is a relay in them for the telephone ports.
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    Quote Originally Posted by broe23 View Post
    That is because there is a relay in them for the telephone ports.
    Guess he missed your post from three months ago.
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    This usually means that an electrolytic capacitor is in the process of failing. It is not uncommon and I have experienced this more than once in different devices including an Asus NT-16 router. It can continue to work in this state for a while and then will fail and the router will stop working. In the above router I replaced the failing one. You can open the router and identify the culprit as a capacitor with the top of its aluminum can bulging up. This means it is failing or has failed. Once the device has failed the noise will cease.

    People who think that only non-solid-state devices can be responsible for noise are incorrect. There are no relays in routers.
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My modem/router suddenly started makes a clicking sound.
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