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Router with fast USB?

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    Router with fast USB?

    Hi, I am using a Belkin router with a USB-SSD and dd-wrt and it is sloooow to write to. It is the 5K/sec range and for a 17M file, it takes forever. It is not the dd-wrt as I have tried it with the original Belkin firmware and still the same.

    Can anyone suggest a router brand and model with USB port that has fast data transfers? I am using this as a simple NAS and it is working fine for small files, but bigger files are a pain.

    I am not looking for USB-3 speeds although that would be nice, but 5K is pathetic.


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    My router has USB 3.0 port and it seems fast, don't know for sure in you situation. See My System Specs.
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    Thanks, but "seems fast," is a pretty risky thing to spend 150-bucks on. Just because it has a the blue color and states USB-3 does not mean it has USB-3 transfer speeds. It certainly implies it, but I can't find anything on the router website that states it and the Customer Support (CS) is totally useless.

    Notice I am not using the router manufacturer's name as I have had terrible experience with them in the past. Their CS is totally useless and exceeded only by the CS at the TP... company. Neither are getting my money again.

    Check this...
    Wireless Witch: The Truth About USB 3.0 and Wi-Fi Interference | Samara Lynn |
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    Only trying to help, you asked, I answered. Have had no reason to contact CS as happy with my router. I find most call centers frustrating. My model can be had for $99 or less.

    I transferred a 2.3GB from my Passport 2TB USB 3.0 drive connected to the router and got a steady 18MB/s transfer speed. I am using the 5GHz band. As you probably know, distance can also greatly impact transfer speed.

    BTW this is just a last minute test, didn't try to tweak anything.

    EDIT: Also don't think you will ever see anything close to real USB 3.0 speeds over wireless on a home network.
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    Only if you are using a network with dual or triple band. The thing about data transfer, is that it is not a steady rate for the packets. Packet sizes can vary, depending on the CRC when the computer and router communicate back and forth.
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Router with fast USB?
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