I have a computer in my office, and my laptop at home.

I want to be able to access resources at my office when I'm at home.
Both computers are Windows 8.1 based, and in both, I'm the Admin.

I've successfully created a VPN connection. I've configured my office router to allow PPTP 1793 port connections.

I've configured the Office computer as the VPN server, and successfully connected to it when I was at home.
I am alos able to ping that computer.

I was expecting to see the office computer as part of the network , but unfortunately I can't get to see that computer when I'm at home.
I need to connect to it in order to transfer/access files.

I was searching the web for solution. I've found a possible solution, which didn't help me - to set Network to be Private, in Windows settings via registry or network policy, but that didn't help.

How can I access the files on my office computer, when I am at home?