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PC drops wifi connection when TV gets power (hdmi)

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    PC drops wifi connection when TV gets power (hdmi)


    i have found a few threads here that describe problems similar to mine, but nothing exactly. i've also used those threads to do a bit of troubleshooting, but nothing has worked.

    i connect to wifi on my computer, it works fine, no problem. my tv is connected to my pc via hdmi. i get video and audio fine on my tv when i'm using it through my pc. the problem is when my tv gets power, the wifi on my pc drops, and it stops recognizing all of the wireless networks in the area that are normally on the list. it still will see my network, as it is set to automatically connect to it, but when i try to connect while the tv has power, it will not. it's not just when the tv gets turned on, but when it actually gets power, when it gets plugged in to the wall socket. when i unplug the tv, all of the wireless networks pop back up on my list, and i can connect to mine with no problems.

    i'll also note that when my tv has power, and i have no wifi on my pc, i still do have wifi on my phone. the router is about 10 feet from me, in another room.

    my network adapter is a Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter and i'm running windows 8.1. tv is a toshiba, not a smart tv.

    uninstalled and installed newest drivers for the network adapter. it's set to not turn off the adapter to save power and it's set to high performance. i've run the troubleshooters both when the tv has no power/pc has wifi, and when the tv has power/pc has no wifi. it always says there is nothing wrong with the adapter.

    any help or ideas would be much appreciated!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Your post is a bit confusing. You talk about HDMI and WiFi which have nothing to do with each other. Plugging in HDMI to the TV should have no affect on your WiFI unless you have a computer hardware problem.

    Also no mention of router make/model. Computer make/model would be nice too.

    Going by what you describe with the TV it sounds like your computer's HDMI port is messed up. Have you tried different HDMI cable?
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    The only thing I can think of is either too long of a connection, or a huge draw of power. You could always go with a Miracast streamer stick, or try Chromecast.
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    I don't know what OP's issue is either, but I have a Chromecast dongle on my TV and it works great. They are fairly cheap too (around $30 on Amazon).
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PC drops wifi connection when TV gets power (hdmi)
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