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How can I add W8.1 to a workgroup containing W7, XP, W98?

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    Windows 8.1, 7, XP, 98

    How can I add W8.1 to a workgroup containing W7, XP, W98?

    I have three computers on a Microsoft windows network. Win7, XP, Win98. I just bought a Win8.1 HP Spectre laptop and want to connect it to the existing network. I have connected it wireless to the internet thru the same router & modem as other computers, but how can I add the Win8.1 to the network for sharing files? The existing three computers are connected in a workgroup called Servicco.

    How can I add the Win8.1 to the workgroup: Servicco?

    FYI: Windows 8.1 is new for me and I don't know how to navigate it well yet.

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    Under Control Panel --> System there is an entry "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" Click the Change settings next to the shield icon on the right.
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    Windows 8.1, 7, XP, 98

    Thanks. I changed the workgroup name from WORKGROUP to SERVICCO and rebooted.

    Now from the W8.1 with file explorer I can see the Win7 but not the XP or the Win98.

    From the Win7 with file explorer I can see the Win8.1 computername but when I select it the message is "Windows cannot access \\GRANDMABARB", Error code 0x80070035.

    From the XP with file explorer I can see the Win8.1 (\\grandmabarb) but cannot access it. The message is "\\grandmabarb is not accessible. You mignt not have permission to use this network rersource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found.

    From the Win98 with file explorer I can see the Win8.1 computername but when I select it the message is "GRANDMABARB is not accessible. The computer or sharename could not be found."

    How can I complete integration of the Win8.1 into the workgroup?
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    Change workgroup name on all computers to workgroup. The only other thing that can cause this, is Internet Security Software, or wrong credentials when trying to access password protected shares. You can follow the guide at for further help on windows networking.
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How can I add W8.1 to a workgroup containing W7, XP, W98?
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