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Network or DNS issue?

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    Network or DNS issue?

    This one puzzles me...

    The Windows 8.1 with the latest patches, wireless connection...

    In desktop mode, IE11 gives the standard error message of "Unable to connect... check your internet connection..." error message. Jumping to the command line and starting some basic troubleshooting seems to indicate that there's no internet connection. Ping to the wireless gateway and IP address of works just fine. On the other hand, doing a DNS lookup results in "unable to access the server..." error message. While it seems to indicate DNS error and/or connectivity issues, it's not.

    In the Metro/Start interface, starting up the IE works just fine; internet pages load as they should. At the command line issuing the "ipconfig /displaydns" shows all of the current name resolution for the websites visited via the Metro interface.

    Normally, entering the IP address for one of the websites browsed in Metro in to the desktop version of IE should load the content of the website, but it does not.

    This is not my system and scanned it with Malwarebyte anti-malware that came up empty. Disabled Norton internet security, but that didn't help either. There are nothing suspicious on this system, pretty much a stock end-user system with MS Office 2010. Speaking of which, links in office documents result in the same "Unable to connect to the internet..." error message.

    Connecting to another wireless access point didn't help either, Metro IE worked and desktop version didn't.

    Anyone has an idea what's going on?

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    Try a different browser like Chrome or Firefox from the desktop and see if those work. If not, try this fix. This one from will usually fix most IE problems if the SFC /scannow does not work. Download - Repair Internet Explorer - MajorGeeks
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    Thanks broe23...

    I did the "sfc.exe" that didn't fix the issue. The system also has Firefox that cannot access the internet, Chrome would probably be the same. Next up is the Windows Repair from Major Geeks, hopefully that will find/fix the problem...
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    There is a couple of old threads over there about this. The only other tool I can think of is the Farbar tools over at They have worked when all else fails.
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    When I have an issue with IE, I have found one of the best solutions is to set IE back to defaults. This will normally resolve most IE issues...not always, but most of the time. Wouldn't hurt to try.
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Network or DNS issue?
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