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New dell laptop keeps disconnecting from internet

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    Windows 8.1

    New dell laptop keeps disconnecting from internet

    Received Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series (Inspiron 3542). Dell (TM) Wireless 1705/1704, Dell Wireless-N 170x + bluetooth 4.0. Placed the laptop in the previous place we had our old Dell Laptop (2 weeks previously). Could not connect to the internet. Turned all security off, on the laptop and the router, no luck.

    We had a few occasions when it connected then within a few seconds it disconnected. We took the laptop up to the router (upstairs) and managed within seconds was able to connect to the internet. Took the laptop downstairs to our normal sitting place and it disconnected.

    Our previous laptops were Dell and ran Windows 7. My husband nows plugs in a booster and an ethernet cable into the laptop so that he can get a continuous connection in our favourite sitting place. Is it OS 8.1, is it our Hub5, is it the Dell Laptop (drivers, card).

    From what I can gather it isnt specifically related to Dell and other laptop brands as well. I have called the British Telecom support line who were helpful but they suggested changing the settings from 5 to 2, it didnt work at all. Dell support may have a fix but will insist I hold on the phone while they run a diagnosis test that takes a long time, meanwhile they get paid per minute.

    There are tweeks to try but as I have just bought this laptop I am not happy spending my whole day trying this and that, and find that there isnt a fix.

    In this day and age Dell shouldnt send a PORTABLE computer to a customer that cant use it portably. My previous Dell laptop that died a death was a Studio XPS 13, at least 5 years old, connected to the internet perfectly in the same place. Is this Windows 8.1?????

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    I called Dell support and they changed the adapter properties and changed the range to roaming, aggressive, and other ones on the list. Turned of the power save etc. This was while I had an ethernet connection. Then they connected to the internet and it disconnected so no matter what they tried it didnt work. They said that network cards nowadays are not made for distance but more for speedy transfers. He asked which network card I had in my old Dell laptop, the one that worked in the preferred place to sit. After he could not get the laptop to connect for more than a minute he decided that there were other options. Reinstall the operating system. Change the network card. Or a refund. The first two options seem pointless as the laptop works everywhere else but where we want to use it. Dell did say that the BT Hub5 has caused problems with customers buying dell laptops, maybe the new network cards are not compatible. Who knows. Is there a laptop which a wireless card that will work for both distance and speed. Dell said you had to make a choice between the two.
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    This is not the first report of poor connectivity from the 1704/5 wireless card.. Opt for a better Wifi card like Intel 7260N / 7260AC

    That was my choice
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New dell laptop keeps disconnecting from internet
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