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Is my PC connected via wifi or ethernet?

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    Is my PC connected via wifi or ethernet?

    Hopefully this is the correct thread. I'm 69 years old, so patience, please!

    I was able to enjoy blistering speed, 72mbs down / 20 mbs up. My old Dell all-in-one went belly up and I had to purchase a new computer.

    This coincided with a problem with the BT Infinity broadband where a connection in the box up the street came loose. Now repaired, BT assure me all is OK to our premises and therefore the problem is mine!

    Our speed is now hovering around 50mbs down / 13mbs up. This seems to make difference sometimes, especially when both my wife and I are streaming - her to PC and me to iPad to TV via Apple box.

    The funny thing is the supposedly ethernet connected PC is giving similar speed results to those of the iPad. That prompted me to wonder whether the desktop PC may be connected via wifi or both wifi and ethernet and perhaps causing a conflict somewhere.

    I only need wifi on the desktop to connect to our printer which is always "found" when required.

    In a nutshell, is there a simpleton's way to check when I am connected to the BT Home hub using both wifi and ethernet and if both, which one takes precedence?


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    It may be that Wi-Fi and Ethernet are not the issue but the speed from the Modem to the WAN/Wide Area Network or known as the Internet. Wi-Fi and Ethernet are usually the connection between computers/devices and the Router which is then connected to the Modem to gain Internet access. The Modem and Router may be in the same box.
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    If the desktop has an ethernet cable from its back running to the modem/router, it's [also] on hard-wire. Now, if desktop has a wife card, then it can be on both hard-wire and wireless. I think this is kinda sorta like zero-sum-gain -- being on both doesn't "double" the input/ouput while interneting. The computer OS probably constantly picks the best of the two choices through-out the day.
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    The modem and router are separate boxes (as supplied by BT, the ISP).

    Perhaps I should try rebooting BOTH, though not at the same time. I will try that later as a friend will be watching the football!
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Is my PC connected via wifi or ethernet?
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