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Your DNS settings have been modified

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    Your DNS settings have been modified

    Help please I am getting the warning below continuously pop up. There is on line information including this forum but none very recent

    I have run Spyhunter, CCleander and Malwarebytes but none of them find this as a problem

    I have closed via X, Remind me later and Restore but it keeps coming back I don't want to hit Accept for obvious reasons.

    Has anybody any advice and should I hit accept.


    Your DNS settings have been modified. Accept changes or restore original save settings

    Accept Restore -Remind me Later

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    Take a look at the file C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts
    if it exists. Sometimes malware will stick stuff in there to redirect your browser.
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    thanks but that file contains only a text file showing what a typical hosts should look like
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    Did you install SpyHunter because of that error or was SpyHunter already installed?

    I believe SpyHunter has been the source for this error in the past
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    Quote Originally Posted by JDobbsy1987 View Post
    Did you install SpyHunter because of that error or was SpyHunter already installed?

    I believe SpyHunter has been the source for this error in the past
    You are right I've just noticed that the spyhunter icon appears in the task bar when the message appears. I installed spyhunter a week ago to resolve another issue which it did very well. It's only today that the problem occurred

    just took a gamble switched off spyhunters ability to make changes to the PC and pressed accept and it seems to have resolved the problem.

    I assume that spyhunter which I paid for is now incapacitated I shall try a dialogue with the support

    Thanks for your help
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    Glad that's tracked the issue down for you.

    I haven't got any experience with SpyHunter so can't offer much there sorry.

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    might be of help to someone in the future here's the response I got from Spyhunter

    Hello Trevor, thank you for using SpyHunter!

    We apologize for the inconvenience.

    If SpyHunter is displaying the message "Your DNS settings have
    been modified. Accept changes or restore original saved settings? ", it
    means that your network adapter settings have been changed.

    This may be completely normal, or a malicious action, depending on your Network's Settings.

    We suggest clicking "Restore", if you are not aware of any changes to your Domain Name Server (DNS).

    Having your DNS settings changed is normal, if:

    1) You are connecting your computer to a different network, other than your usual network.

    2) You have a DSL or Dial-up connection.

    3) Your computer is connected directly to a Cable Modem or any
    other device other than a wired connection to a router or wireless
    connection to a router.

    4) Your computer is connected to any other service or device that
    will change your IP Address every time you connect to the internet
    (service or device dispenses a Dynamic IP Address).

    5) You are not experiencing any infection symptoms on your computer.

    If SpyHunter keeps popping the DNS message all the time and you
    want to disable SpyHunter’s notification about the DNS change, please
    follow the steps below:

    1) Open SpyHunter.

    2) Go to the Settings tab located on the left side of the SpyHunter window.

    3) Click "Network Sentry" option that will appear as a sub category of the "Settings" tab.

    4) In the right side of the window, uncheck the box for "Activate
    Advanced DNS Protection" option located under "System Protection".

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    All the best, and thanks again!

    Adrian P.

    Technical Support Department

    Enigma Software Group

    Remove Spyware & Malware with SpyHunter
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Your DNS settings have been modified
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