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All WiFi networks in range are Connect Automatically.

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    Also to add, Windows looks at unsecured wifi networks as "Public" not Private networks, because there is no Passphrase needed to connect to them.

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    I didnt ask for Networking 101. I worked as network engineer full time for 4 yrs so please keep your advice for your self. I asked politely few times already.

    The question still stands - how to avoid Auto-Connect checkbox to be ticked forever. why Windows 8.1 connect me automatically to networks which have Auto-Connect unchecked and these networks arent in the Wifi profiles list.
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    Your PC network is NOT going to automatically connect to any network without the your consent unless it has been instructed to do so by you or another operator either during the current secession or a previous secession. Since you obviously do not want to accept the explanations from me or from those that are more knowledgeable than I am may I suggest you address your concerns with Microsoft Windows Support. Being a Network Engineer as you say you should be able to fluently discuss your concerns in a very detailed fashion. Go directly to the source.
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    That check-mark, that's driving me crazy!

    Click image for larger version

    Seriously though, I have dual-band, a 2.4 and 5GHz band. I connect automatically to the 5GHz. However if I look the box for the 2.4 is also checked. If I un-tick it, it comes back. But I still connect automatically to the 5GHz band, amazing!
    I agree, you should bring it up to Microsoft if it is that big of an issue.
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All WiFi networks in range are Connect Automatically.
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