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Normal that Users content is accessible w/o password?

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    Normal that Users content is accessible w/o password?

    Just out of curiosity / concern, I just reinstalled fresh copies of Windows 8.1 on my desktop and laptop PCs.
    I notice that if I click in the Network section, I can expand "Users" and view the contents of things like "Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music, Searches, etc" on the other machine without being prompted for any password.

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    I did not setup any homegroup and wasnt asked for passwords so is it "normal" that just by having both computers on the WiFi network I can see the contents of the User folders from each machine? I'm concerned that others might also be able to see as well, if they come over and I let them use my WiFi network... I dont want them going in my private stuff....

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    The folder C:\Users\Public is shared by default. It is roughly equivalent to the All Users folder in XP. You can right click on it in Explorer then click Share With to get to advanced sharing options. But it is very handy to get a network configured. In Windows, especially when mixing flavors like XP Vista W7 W8 on a Lan I always try to see the folders that are shared by default. If those work then it seems trivial to get new shares to go. Otherwise I probably have something in the firewall blocking everything.
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    Hi, I should have specified that I am not talking about the Public folder in USERS but the one with my own name.
    I am also only dealing with Windows 8.1 machines.
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    You will notice public folder sharing is ON and Password is OFF

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    Anybody that has access to my network has access to my public shared folders.. no password required.. But you need my network WIFI password to connect to my network
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    Hmmm, interestingly, my settings are slightly different. Note that my password protected sharing is turned ON, yet I was not asked for a password when viewing from different computer.

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    Also, I am not trying to get into the Public folder (I dont use that one).. I am interested in the one that is specific to the user (has my name).
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Normal that Users content is accessible w/o password?
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