Today I joined a Win8.1 client to our SBS2011 domain. The LTO-4 tape drive worked perfect when not logged on to the domain but claimed not to see the drive once logged to the domain even though the software could eject/erase the tape.

After trying many (some smart some stupid) things to fix this problem I decided it had something to do with rights and how I was logged on.

The client already had the local user name the same as the network user name and the local user was an admin.

It started working after I added yet another local user with the exact same name but put the network domain name in the user record. It never even asked for a password.

I have been unable to find any information on when or why I should set a local user up with a domain specified or why this should have made my problem any different. After all, I was logged into the domain as that user.

The good news is that it is now working but I was wondering if anyone knew why.