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Recommend a wireless card replacement

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    There should be no Blacklist for if you want to change the card to the Wireless-ac version of the 7260. CDW has them for around $30.

    Are the issues not as pprevalent, with the AC version?
    I do not think that your issue is with the card. If the antenna connections are corroded, that would mean that the card edge connectors may also be corroded.

    The biggest factor you are dealing with, is distance & power for device vs. Access Point. Also include construction of the building you are in, and building material type between device & Access Point.

    I mainly use my laptop in the same room as our A/P. My son would get drops when he would be downstairs, because the foil antennas are not best when you have wood or even concrete in the way. We get 300mbps all of the time. If I go back to my son's room or downstairs, I may see 150-240mbps, but still get full Internet speed.

    The A/P & card go into an energy saving state, when not needing full power to transfer small amounts of data.

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    As I previously stated, signal is not the issue. I have three wireless access points that are rock solid on a dozen other devices. None of my other devices ever lose connection.... Signal is great when it is working, speed is also not an issue.

    I do understand that the corrosion IS there. I will address this issue.


    I will reiterate, the signal is great when it works. The drop is cyclical, in nature. Works great for a while, drops out for 60-90 seconds, then comes back to life. This is the same issue that almost everyone who owns this card, has. If it were failure, it would be less, infinitely persistent in nature. A failure would look more random and unpredictable. I should also state that this issue was non existent, until a sw/fw update, from some months back.

    For these reasons, I am looking to replace the card with a different model.
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    Sounds like it is timing out, when it talks to the Access point. The other could be channel congestion. You can enter the following in a Cmd window: netsh wlan show all

    It allows you to see those A/P's around you, what main channel they are on. In my area, Channel 1 is very open, my upper channel is Channel 5, 40mhz Channel HT mode.

    I run my three a/p's at different sets of channels. That way I am not overlapping. 1st one is 1/5, second is 5, third one is 5/9. The last one is never used, so it is always in an idle mode. The second one is only for b/g devices on my network.
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Recommend a wireless card replacement
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