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Ethernet and WiFi

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    Ethernet and WiFi

    I have a Wifi channel on my pc, and also on my router.
    I have a network printer attached to the router.
    Currently my pc is connected to router through ethernet wired connection.

    When I need to access the PC from a laptop by Wifi, is it best to use the PC WiFi, or the router Wifi connection, and how do I stop the PC connecting to the router by Wifi if that is enabled on both devices? I presume the ethernet connection is faster, and certainly more reliable.

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    Your laptop should connect to the router, the laptop won't even see the desktop's wifi to connect to unless you have configured it to be a hotspot (leave the PC's wifi disabled). Provided both the PC and the laptop are running Win 7 or later OS, you should be able to create a Homegroup so that you can share files between the 2 computers.
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Ethernet and WiFi
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