Hello everyone,

(first post, please excuse me if I've done something wrong/posted in wrong forum/etc)

I have an issue with my new 8.1 laptop - it won't automatically reconnect to a Wi-Fi network after the connection is dropped. I've checked that "Connect Automatically" is checked but the computer simply doesn't want to do that.

A little background: My dorm has two options for internet, an ethernet port that's almost always on but usually never faster than 150 KB/s, and a poor Wi-Fi signal that constantly disconnects but is much faster. I'd like to remain connected to the Ethernet but have the computer connect to the Wi-Fi whenever possible so I can get a faster connection whenever it's available. I've already used the tweak over at How to Wifi And Ethernet At the Same Time [Solved] - Windows 8 - Windows 8 , and it appears to work whenever I connect to the Wi-Fi manually.

The strange thing is that this issue doesn't occur on my older Win7 laptop - whenever the poor connection is dropped, the computer automatically tries to reconnect. For this reason I'm reasonably sure it's an 8.1 issue, perhaps Windows sees that I'm connected to Ethernet as well and decides not to connect?