I'm an IT professional but have only a pretty basic understanding of networking and am completely new to media servers.
I used to use Allcast with Plexmedia server, but after upgrading my PC to windows 8, I found that Allcast couldn't find my PC or Plex Media Server. So I started looking at other options and discovered that my Panasonic Vierra should be able to access a media server on my PC using DLNA. I tried setting up a basic media server just by using the Media Streaming options on my PC, which is also pretty simple to set up - you can't really go wrong there. Yet nothing seems to recognise it - not the vierra nor allcast.
You can tell that the devices are working (the Vierra and Allcast) as they find my Fritzbox server (my router) and also find my son's Windows Media Player (Windows 7). Allcast also recognises the TV, so they're all on the network and connected. But nothing finds my PC. I turned the firewall completely off and nothing works. I could get a chromecast but if nothing else recognises my PC, I'm sure it won't either.
I'm at wits end here. Any help appreciated. Thanks.