Is it possible to either create/Buy something that is plugged into your Computer Network that will:
Set up equipment wise, for a visual:
Everything is on a Rack, Closet etc, Such as
A. X-Box including all in the same category.
B. Music Hard Drive
C. Dvd player that has 200 stored discs in it.
To be able to go to any TV or anything connected, Open up one of those A,B,C
From whatever location, have the ability to play or watch, listen any of those Devices.
Just for clear understanding, If I was in my Den on the 2nd floor, I would like to know if I would be able to play an X-Box Game with My friends from any of ghe other locations which are viewed from?
I have a Sknos Music System, 3TB Music Hard Drive, 300 Movies, X-Box, Wii, Playstation, I Stream Live Dart matches internationally Playing Darts. Lastly I have a 2TB Photo Hard Drive. Please don't break your noggin on ghis one, My own interest are, Is there Possibilities for this to happen?

I thank you for your time, Sincerely