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Router issues.

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    Router issues.

    I live in all adult complex and we have wi-fi here. It's so and so. This guy/my neighbor ask me if he could use my own router that I use for my cell phone. I said sure so I gave him my password.

    This is my problem. I download alot of music and I export it to a external hardrive for safe keeping,cool lol.

    When I went on my PC to make sure it was there everything looked ok. But I notice his info/folder is on my PC also. Is this normal? I never notice it before. Here is some screen shots of his stuff on my router and PC.


    He is on my router/normal.

    Bill-PC on my computer.

    I expanded his folder. This came up.

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    Yes it is normal when you share your personal network with someone you do not even know. Suggest you change the password to kick the guy off of your personal network.
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    Yes, that model of router also acts as a media streaming device over the local network so anyone who has access to the router will also have access to all media on the local network.

    As Broe23 said I wouldn't give someone I don't really know access to my router. That guy must be a really, really trustworthy person person and a very good neighbor.
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    If you insist on sharing your router. Get one with Guest Access that you can throttle how much bandwidth the guest can use, and use a strong password, that does not match the regular network password.

    I only allow people that I trust to use my wifi. My next door neighbor who passed away in Nov, I allow her one daughter that works for Zurich Insurance to use it, when she is over there working on cleaning out the house.
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    Thank you guy's for the great help. I put him and her on my guest account with a new password. In the mean time I change my router,s main PW. NOTHING IS FOR FREE$$$
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Router issues.
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