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Windows 8.1 Extremely Slow Internet Brand New PC

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    Windows 8.1 Extremely Slow Internet Brand New PC

    Greetings folks! Very glad I stumbled across this website. I'm having issues with my new desktop computer that I bought from IBUYPOWER. The issue is slow/intermittent internet. Seems like a lot of 8.1 people are having internet problems.

    Computer specs are as follows:
    -AMD 6300 Six Core Processor
    -8GB Ram
    -64bit operating system, x64 based processor

    SSID: CenturyLink****
    Protocol: 802.11n
    Security type: WPA2-Personal
    IPv4 address:
    IPv4 DNS Servers:
    Manufacturer: Ralink Technology, Corp.
    Description: 802.11bgn 1T1R Wireless Adapter
    Driver version:

    From I consistently get this number (usually worse)
    -PING : 39
    -MBPS Download: 2.43 (consistently this low highest ever was 3, been down to .08 even)
    -MBPS upload: .60

    On my girlfriends old shitty laptop she is getting 11mbps no problem. Same speeds plugged in or wifi. My phone gets great speeds as well. My older laptop also got much better internet speeds and it was at least four years old.
    Spoke to internet provider, they said everything is fine.

    -Ran CCleaner, Malware bytes, Norton. Nothing comes up and I have literally had this computer 2 weeks.
    -Set all power saving features to performance mode.
    -Uninstall/Reinstall Wifi Driver.
    -turn off bluetooth things.
    -disable roaming sensitivity on wireless driver manager
    -set to entertainment/gaming on wireless driver manager.
    -router is up to date
    -router placed closer to computer (don't think its router considering girlfriends computer has great internet.)

    I'm really lost on what to do from here. I'm not incredibly tech savvy and the above steps were from me researching and trying solutions that worked for other people. If there is any further info that I can provide to you that may help please let me know.

    Thank you,


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    Download and run Shaperprobe. ShaperProbe It will show your true speed from your provider. Do not worry so much about ping time. Think of Ping time like standing in a tunnel at one end and someone else at the other end. Then yell something at them. The time it takes from you yelling something to the other party hearing what you yelled is what can be described as Ping Time. Same concept if you think of how Radar works. The farther away something is. The longer it takes for your computer to get a response.

    Your machine is pretty fast. Computing power will run circles around anything out there, if you do video editing or picture editing. As for the Internet, it is all about provider speed, congestion, how much the server you are trying to connect to is being used by others, etc..
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    If you want to use just Wireless-n on your Gateway, you will have to set Wireless to Wireless-n, Security to WPA(tkip)/WPA2(aes), Channel Bandwidth to 40mhz, set the main channel to 1 if not congested, secondary to Upper if you cannot choose channel 5. If you are only paying for say 11mb/1 from Charter, there is not much more you are going to get from their DSL.

    Run Shaperprobe to find a base speed. Make sure you are not running any streaming video, P2P/Torrent, downloading or updating.
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    Antivirus programs are known to interfere with Internet speeds. If you are willing, for testing purposes, remove all antivirus programs (temporarily) by using their free removal tools from their respective websites, or an uninstaller, such as Revo Uninstaller. This includes any that came with the computer, or any files left over from previous removals (most antivirus software leaves crap behind). Now restart the computer.

    Install malwarebytes' free malware removal scanner, and get rid of all PUPs and malware through it: Malwarebytes | Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software. If anything is found, remove and restart the computer.

    Now test your internet speeds. If there is no difference, reinstall ONE (and only one) antivirus program that you prefer, or use the built-in Defender AV.

    There are a few internet troubleshooters that we can go over if nothing works to-date.
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    Hey broe23, I've seen you mention this shaperProbe program.. The thing is, just out of my own curiosity, what would be the difference whether you ran any other speedtest to see your speed? I mean logically, if you run a speedtest from any website, as long as that server and your computer are correctly setup, you will/should get your full speed.. why do you need to know if your isp is shaping your internet? and if it was you will see that in the next speed test you use if you just ran another speed test no??

    anyway this came up because upon looking at your site I went further and clicked the "go here" on that shaperprobe website only to find a company called m-lab which I have a strong feeling they are just making tons of money by selling all the people's data they "gather" ... while it's good to make money, I have a funny feeling about m-lab.. and the "data" they "collect"

    but hey.. i'm sure all speedtests gather data and can and do sell it.. but why download a program to your computer and run it? just go to

    SpeedOf.Me, HTML5 Speed Test | Non Flash/Java Broadband Speed Test

    you will see your full speed and if you run it during different times of the day, you will see if your internet speed changes..

    just throwing this out there..

    Yes, M-Lab is probably doing good research but, you just don't know or want info thrown around, and internet security and information is the going to be/if not the biggest upcoming thing in the near future as users become more and more computer/IT bases and the world is..

    -All data collected by the M-Lab tools are available to the public without restriction under a No Rights Reserved Creative Commons Zero Waiver. This page describes...

    M-Lab was founded by the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute (OTI), the PlanetLab Consortium, Google Inc. and academic researchers. The founding members collectively make up the steering committee that will lead development of M-Lab's organizational policies and structure going forward.

    M-Lab provides the largest collection of open Internet performance data on the planet.

    more- sorry if this sounds like a paranoid user just worrying about nothing but the point i want to get across is just use any free speedtest to find your full speed. Let's say you do find that your ISP is "shaping" your internet? well, most of the time for most users around, its a pain to switch ISP's and many people don't want to because they have bundles set up etc.. so what can you do?
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Windows 8.1 Extremely Slow Internet Brand New PC
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