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Getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED on Certain Sites

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    Getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED on Certain Sites

    I use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, both updated to the newest possible version, and for some reason certain sites are coming up as not available. I know the websites are real and such because I tested them on my iPhone and my other computer. I think that narrows it down to my laptop having the problems but I'm not sure. Here is a list of some examples:

    Mainly any search bar (only works, I tried Bing search bar, + bar, and + bar)

    What I found really strange though was after about three days, it finally worked again! But about 20 minutes later it broke for the second time.

    Thanks to those that have read this far:

    Solutions I've Tried:
    Shut down and power on
    Uninstalling and reinstalling internet browsers
    Unplugging and replugging in router

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    Are your antivirus, antispyware, antimalware programs assertively-set? I've had to dial mine back some 'cause I got the never-ending-circle for several web sites. Do you have any Nanny-type programs that watch out for "bad" web sites that are assertively-set? If so, dial 'em back some.
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    My antivirus is AVG, I dialed it back and it still didn't work, and I believe I have no Nanny-type programs or whatever you said.
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    Don't go browsing around but turn off AV and Windows firewall then test one of the sites to see if still blocked.

    Plug directly into the modem if possible, eliminate the router.

    Run Malwarebytes.
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    Thanks, doing some schoolwork but I'll get back to ya soon.
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Getting ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED on Certain Sites
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